Cabana for Sketch is used by...

Spending too much time bringing your ideas to life?

Is it taking you too much time bringing your ideas to life?

Imagine if you could massively speed up the process of designing prototypes,
and presenting design ideas to your team, and clients.

Well, with Cabana for Sketch you can…

Validate your design ideas so much faster than before

Design is an important aspect of workday hcm . It involves designing tools and processes to enable tenants to access their tenant data in an integrated, secure and easy-to-use manner.

Avoid the trouble of creating basic UI components every time

Cabana can save you an enormous amount of time, and help you avoid the mundane tasks of having to create everything from scratch each time.

A clean, well organised, and structured system

Don’t worry about incorrect naming conventions, and inconsistent structure in your designs anymore. Cabana has you covered with the very best design practices.

Easily customise it to suit each of your individual projects

Cabana does not constrain you to a specific style, which means you can easily adapt it to whatever you're working on, and bring something different to each project.

Cabana can greatly speed up your design workflow today

Start your projects much faster, quickly mock-up ideas, and save yourself a whole lot of time, and headaches creating projects the old way.

Sync, and Collaborate across your whole team

Use Cabana as a Sketch Library, and enable yourself and your Team to collaborate, edit, and build upon easily, from a single source of truth.

"I was able to build whole designs and complex UX flows in a matter of hours, and it was incredibly easy to see a project through with minimal headaches."

— Preston Crouse, UX Designer

Quickly, and effortlessly create beautiful UIs for both your Desktop and Mobile projects.

Cabana includes a massive choice of Text Styles, Layer Styles, Color Variables, and Symbols, helping you quickly create stunning UIs for both Desktop and Mobile.

Loads of Overrides so you can easily customise for your current project, with the greatest of ease.

With countless Symbol Overrides, you can easily tweak away to create something that is perfectly suited to the project you're working on.

A system that can be quickly styled for your next project, and the one after that, and the one after that...

With Cabana you have a Design System that can be easily customised to fit your next project, and saves you the pain of starting from a blank page every time.

"What used to take me a full day, now I can complete within a 1/3 of the time. Meaning I can be more productive and then step away to fine tune it quickly."

— Angel Velazquez, UI Designer